Métriques DevOps

La semaine dernière nous avons eut l’occasion de participer à un open-space sur le sujet des métriques. La question posée était : “Quelles sont les métriques à monitorer pour améliorer la collaboration entre les équipes de Développement et les équipes d’Éxploitation ?”. On as eut pas mal d’idées, divergés sur... [Read More]

GSOC 2012 - Week 11

Eleventh week of work of GSOC, bug fixes, bug fixes and bug fixes. Ticket 4685 Ticket 4685 is about handling __all__ in pylint. With the ticket fix, pylint will not warn you about unused import when it is used in __all__. It will also warn you if you... [Read More]

GSOC 2012 - Week 10

Tenth week of work of GSOC, after the release of pylint last week, I focused my work on logilab-astng and especially on the two tickets marked as “important”. They both appears only with Python-3k Ticket 83138 This ticket is based on a new feature of python-3k, starred expression... [Read More]

GSOC 2012 - Week 9

Ninth week of work of GSOC, new release of pylint, logilab-astng and logilab-common. New releases The first set of bugs fixes and improvements was released last week. I’m proud to announce the availability of Pylint 0.25.2, ASTNG 0.24 and logilab-common 0.58.1: http://www.logilab.org/blogentry/100365. Pylint should now be compatible... [Read More]

GSOC 2012 - Week 8

Eight week of work of GSOC, I’ve worked on same topics than last week. Other interpreter implementations compatibility Implementations agnostic of low-level functions can be a real nightmare, for example to know where is located the stdlib files. Some corrections and lots of source code read (distutils is not... [Read More]