Use line_profiler without magic

When debugging performance issues, I usually rely on the good old line_profiler. It’s very useful to easily identify which lines of a specific function are slow and needs to be investigated and/or fixed. Using it is straightforward, you basically add the @profile decorator on the function you want... [Read More]

2017 in review

2017 has been quite a busy year and 2018 will be at least as lively! A new job In April 2017 I decided to quit my current job at Sqreen where I was working on their Python agent. I had an amazing time working on... [Read More]

How to declare dynamic options with argparse

While working on a project to generate docker images based on a matrix combinations (, I needed to declare some options defined in a user-defined configuration file. A matrix in the project will look like: matrix: python_version: - 2.7... [Read More]

Freeze your Python with str.encode and threads

While working on the Python agent, I discovered a rather nasty, but fun to analyse bug that lead me deep into Python internals. The nasty bug I was working on a piece of code that spawns a thread, retrieves some JSON, and stores it for later use.... [Read More]

Métriques DevOps

La semaine dernière nous avons eut l’occasion de participer à un open-space sur le sujet des métriques. La question posée était : “Quelles sont les métriques à monitorer pour améliorer la collaboration entre les équipes de Développement et les équipes d’Éxploitation ?”. On as eut pas mal d’idées, divergés sur... [Read More]